Sunday, November 28, 2010


BOH Cameronian Gold Blend + Dried Meramiyeh (Sage) Tea and Rose Tea served with Pitta Bread and Pistachio Halwa

The British Tourist Authority has declared 28 November 2010 as the International A Nice Cup of Tea Day, an online event on Facebook, in celebration of the world's perfect cup of tea. Find out the world's perfect cup of tea here: Smitten by Britain.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sky & Spread

Ais kacang or ais batu campur (ABC) shaved ice topped with syrup, sweet corn, red beans and jellies.

Chicken and Mushroom Lasagna

Vermicelli Stirfry

Butter Prawns

Baby Kailan Stirfry

Bamboo Shoot, Prawn and Papaya Soup

Freerange Chicken Soup

A wedding cake

Miang Kam, a Thai appetiser.

Tempura Mushrooms

Pandan Chicken

Fried Catfish



Hawaiian Chicken Pizza

Kraizeh, a Jordanian dessert.

Chocolate Cheese Mousse Cake

The views from the lookout point near the border town of Wang Kelian

Dusk in the neighbourhood

Sunset over the main island of Langkawi from Kuala Perlis

Tasoh Lake Resort & Retreat (2010)

Mixed Fruit Juice

Cantonese Noodles

Asam Pedas Tulang

Anjung Tasik, the lakeside restaurant which opens from 6p.m. onwards

Some of the lakeedge cabanas

Captured during two separate visits with friends this year. See my previous visit here: Tasoh Lake Resort & Retreat (2008). For more information about this beautiful resort, please see:

Cameron Highlands (2010)

Bharat Tea Plantations (

An old rolling tea table at BOH Tea Centre, Sungai Palas

Tea rollers

BOH's old tea factory at BOH Tea Centre

The second stage after tea picking and classification

The next stage after rolling

The following stage after fermentation

The final stage after drying

One of the massive BOH Tea Plantations

Pitcher plants, Cactus Point

Cactus Point

Bharat Tea Plantatations (

Revisited the highlands with my foreign friends this year. More about the highlands here: Cameron Highlands.