Friday, December 07, 2007

Skincare for Sensitive Skin

Finding a skincare product or brand that suits your skin may be a lifelong quest, more so if you have sensitive skin. My facial skin is sensitive although the skin on the rest of my body isn't. The identified irritants are dust, dirt and cosmetics, particularly foundation, concealer and blusher. These irritants usually cause acne.

I am a big fan of toiletries, so I do spend a lot of time reading on skincare and bodycare sometimes as well as going toiletry shopping, more so than shopping for clothes. Used to buy monthly women's magazines for the useful articles and to keep myself updated on the latest skincare products in the market.

I have used a number of toiletry brands over the years, from cheap to steep
St. Ives, L'or
éal, Nivea, Boots, Johnson & Johnson, Lancôme, Origins and La Mer. Started using gentle, noncomodegenic (won't clog pores), alcoholfree, perfumefree, soapfree, waterbased products only even before discovering the condition of my facial skin. I remain a loyal customer of Simple ( and L'OCCITANE en Provence ( You don't want to know how much I splurged at L'OCCITANE!

A male friend recommended Eucerin, a medical/dermatological skincare brand, a few years ago, but I was doubtful then. Came across Eucerin again recently after a local female TV host who has eczema mentioned on screen that she started using Eucerin 3 years ago and had never looked back since.

Needless to say, I needed to feed my curiosity. Logged on to and spent a great deal of time reading about our skin and skincare. I must say, of all the skincare websites I had visited over the years, I was most impressed with Eucerin's. It is by far the most informative. After learning that the brand has over 100 years of experience in dermatological skincare, I was convinced. I recalled a dermatologist friend mentioning Eucerin in a conversation.

I am careful with purchasing a new skincare product especially as I had chickenpox recently. Ran out of my L'OCCITANE en Provence's Almond Apple Velvet Concentrate, a moisturiser. As L'OCCITANE products aren't available in my hometown, I bought Eucerin's Hydro
Protect Hydrating & Protecting Fluid SPF15 with AGR and pure vitamin E. Started using it 14 days after the onset of my chickenpox and I am pleased with the results so far. It does its job well without leaving a hole in my pocket. Felt the difference in less than 48 hours and my skin had never looked better since the chickenpox. Can't wait for the spots to disappear soon! Thank you, Eucerin.

Other good brands for sensitive skin are Eubos ( and Sebamed (, but I am happy with Eucerin. I can foresee that I will turn into a loyal customer soon.

Now, I must point out that I am not paid to write this entry. Merely sharing my experience in my quest for a suitable skincare as this is a subject close to my heart.

What about you? What skincare or bodycare brands do you use? Do share. I'd love to hear from you.

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