Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Write or Type?

Do you prefer handwriting or typing? I guess in this modern age, a lot of people prefer to type than write. I like both. There may be times when I prefer typing, but there is a need for handwriting still.
Handwriting does say something about someone's character, don't you think? These are just a few remarks received from others about my handwriting over the years:
"It looks like it has been typewritten."
"Is this a computer print-out?"
"Did you use a ruler?"
The best compliment I had ever received was:
"Your handwriting should be made into a font."
Hahaha, classic!
In my student days, collegemates asked me to write addresses on envelopes. In my working life, colleagues asked me to write greetings on cards (birthdays, farewell, etc.) and write names on nametags during events. I joked that I should start charging and turn it into a business.
One day, a lecturer was counting and checking the answer scripts submitted after an exam when she came across one answer script. She held it up for the whole class to see and ask, "Whose is this?" Guess whose was it? Mine! The lecturer didn't notice that I did write down my particulars. When she had a good look, she seemed surprised and said, "Oh my goodness! I thought those were part of the printed words that were already on the paper." Hehehe.
I don't know about you, but I do appreciate receiving handwritten cards especially by post. It's more personal and shows that the sender puts an extra effort for the receiver. Call me sentimental, but being sentimental once in a while doesn't bring you any harm.
So, what's your handwriting like?

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