Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kitchen Slave

The moon one early morning

My steamboat noodles. I used chicken bones, anchovy powder, curry powder, Chinese cabbage, celery, carrots, garlic and ginger for the broth.

Next, I added some prawns, chicken, beef, Chinese mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, more cabbage, celery and carrots, as well as shallots and lime leaves.
I didn't use any salt or pepper.

Served with noodles topped with coriander leaves and chillies. A hearty meal for a rainy day.

Piping hot bread pudding

My two big trays of bread pudding, just removed from the oven.

I used bread, butter, milk, brown sugar, cinnamon, honey and vanilla; topped with apples, dates and raisins.

The chopped apples looked dry because I added 'em after 10 minutes of baking as I forgot to add 'em earlier. They weren't covered with the melted butter. Hence, the dryness. Lesson learnt. The pudding tasted yummy nevertheless.

My bread pudding served with vanilla custard sauce. My niece loved it. I prefer it cold.

I hardly cook, but when I do, I usually do it well. The reason I hate cooking isn't so much of the cooking itself or washing up later. It's the heat which makes one sweat right up to the head. So, when I wanted to cook, it is a rather big deal for me. Can you tell I don't fancy slaving myself in the kitchen?

Had no idea what got into me yesterday. I made a big pot of steamboat served with noodles for lunch. I was already sweating after the steamboat was cooked. Continued with bread pudding for tea. I made two big trays of pudding and gave half to my relatives.
I was rather pleased with my first attempt. Will definitely make more. Bread pudding, anyone?


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi :)

I am delighted to note that you are getting into the kitchen to cook. Cooking is a great art. The food should be good to look at, tasty and nutritious. It takes lot of practice (not bookish knowledge)to make good food. I am not qualified to advise you on this alien subject although I do experiments now and them. I just wrote what good food means to me.

I would love your bread pudding. Please send it by parcel post :)

Enjoy your cooking :)

SkyJuice said...

Hi Joseph,

I've plenty of spare time now. That was the reason I cooked a couple of days ago. This will most likely change soon when I'm busy personally and professionally.

I agree. Food should be clean, nutritious, good to look at, and above all, tasty.

Have fun in the kitchen! :-)