Friday, October 17, 2008

Idyllic Islands Part III

The beautiful Langkawi sky

Having breakfast island–style on the home veranda

The chalet owners reared roosters, hens and ducks. See the three ducklings on the top photo? These younglings were reared by a hen. The owners also kept guard dogs.

The oval black stone is made of Langkawi marble. Langkawi is also known for its marble.

After breakfast, we went to a crab farm nearby. This is a view of the chalets (right) from the boat.

Langkawi Geopark. Read more about Geopark here:

The limestone hills in Pulau Dayang Bunting, part of Langkawi Geopark.

The huge private crab farm owned by an old Muslim man. The owner used 900kgs of cement to build the solid foundation and protective entrance walls. Only invited guests are allowed to go in. There are caretakers and guard dogs in the farm. The owner planned to add kerapu (garoupa) and lobsters soon. Wonder if he's add gamat (golden sea cucumber) too?

We had to wade through the seawater on uneven ground (with sharp edges at certain corners) to get to a hut in the farm. Saw many little fish and prawns swimming around.

Preparing the traps. Rotten fish were used as baits as the smell attracted the crabs. Glad I'm not a seafood fan!

On the way to set up the traps

Some activities we did on the second day.

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