Monday, July 27, 2009

Knocked Up (2007)

Alison Scott (Katherine Heigl) and Ben Stone (Seth Rogan)

Ben Stone and Pete (Paul Rudd)

Alison Scott is an up
andcoming entertainment journalist whose life is on the fast track after getting a promotion at work, but it gets derailed after when a drunken onenight stand with slacker Ben Stone results in an unwanted pregnancy.

One of the most boring chick flicks I've ever seen. Katherine Heigl is a bad choice.

Rating: 1/5.


Anija, said...

I agree with u.. masa tgk movie ni, I told Aizal, those couple tak blend together.. but Aizal thinks that's the way it should be.. but he thinks it's boring too..
Last night, baru layan "don't gey mess with Zohan".. lawak giler.. kat sini best part sewa DVD murah, NZD1 per week!

SkyJuice said...

NZ$1 a week is cheap. I haven't rented any DVDs here, so tak tau la rental berapa.

Katherine Heigl tu macam tak reti berlakon la. Tak convincing langsung. '27 Dresses' pun boring bila mai part dia. My classmate pun agreed.