Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Playing Horticulturalist

Sirih (piper betel) leaves.

The leaves have a special significance in Malay weddings. Traditionally, they're also used to stop nosebleed.

Lemongrass, said to be a cure for cancer.


Ku chai (Chinese chives)

Pandan (screwpine) leaves, used in dishes and dessert.


Kesum (Vietnamese coriander), used for laksa sauce. Laksa is rice noodle with fish sauce.

Curry leaves

Lemuni, an energy booster and good for antiageing.

Pegaga air (centella/pennywort/money penny). The Malays eat this as salad with their main meal and drink its juice.

Known as 'food for the brain', pegaga is proven to be good for health and beauty – awet muda (anti–ageing), anti–oxidant, treat skin conditions, reduce one's high blood pressure and body temperature, wound healing, etc.


Ulam Raja (cosmos caudatus), traditionally used to improve blood circulation.

Herbs and plants are within an arm's reach at home.

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