Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Wang Kelian & Wangprachan

Artificial blooms made of dried rubber leaves. I remember making these during an art class in school.

Itsy, bitsy.

Anything under the sun, really.

Salak (snakeskin)

Fresh produce from Thailand.

A friend who works for the local Health Ministry has tested the fresh produce sold at the border towns and he said they were pesticide

Mini cucumber

Green aubergines

Pineapples from RM1 RM2 each, depending on size.

Red grapes, pomegranates and pear.


Dried anchovies

Some Thai kuih (sweetmeats)

Chewy buah nau or kabung (palm seeds) and kerabu mempelam (mango salad)

Chicken's feet, offal and meat, to be eaten on its own, or with glutinous rice. The crispy, fried chicken was good. You could taste and smell the spices with every bite.

Bead curtains


Thai (Siamese) fighting fish

Goat's milk soaps, RM10 for a dozen.

Bricabrac made of wood

Some goods sold at the openair markets.

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