Monday, October 12, 2009

Garden Campus

The fountain next to the library

One of the slides presented by my classmates. How does an organisation seduce itself, pray tell?

The early morning of 11 October

One of my favourite classes with my multinational classmates

My peers presenting

The Chancellery Building taken from the library

The fountain next to the library

A Milo advertisement written in classic Malay transcript, a rare sight.

The month of Syawal is coming to an end. I lost my beloved Nikon camera after attending an 'Eid barbecue hosted by my uncle. I've been looking for it ever since and yet to find it. Been using my dad's Canon, for nearly two weeks now, and it pales in comparison to Nikon. Nikon really does produce great images. My second favourite is Olympus.

There's a couple of academic weeks to go before the semester ends. I'm currently busy with major assignments and my final exams start this week. Wish me luck!


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi SkyJuice:)

First of all let me wish you all success in your exams. You have been preparing well and therefore I am confident you will excel.

The campus is really sprawling and very impressive. I don't think it will be possible for normal people to get admission here and the course you are doing must be top class and pretty expensive.

The power point presentation makes me understand that you are dealing in great ideas and concepts. Many organizations brain wash their employees so much that they cannot identify themselves as a separate entity from the organization. The organization gets into their blood. They think, live, breathe the organization. They cannot find happiness without the organization, All their waking life revolves around the company for which they are working. They become a sort of automatons. Well, have I gone out of the subject?:)

It looks like a very serious class that is going on in the class where your multinational friends are seated.

I am unable to understand how you could have lost your camera in a party hosted by your uncle. Perhaps you should call up all your relatives and check out. Some one might have taken it by mistake. Or perhaps it is in your uncle's house itself somewhere.

Once again let me take this opportunity to wish you all the very best and tonnes and tonnes of good luck:)

SkyJuice said...

Hi Joseph,

Thank you very much. Appreciate it. I'll do my best and hope for the best as well. :-)

There's some ongoing construction in the campus and the public management university will have some new buildings soon.

Anyone with the specified prerequisites can get in. As it's a public university, the fees aren't expensive like some private universities.

Out–of–topic discussion is welcomed. Yes, some employees act the way you've described. To each his or her own, but I believe in work–life balance. I'm sure you do as well.

The class topic was serious, but the lecturer welcomed questions and sharing of ideas, information and experience, so it became a lively discussion. That's how the class is conducted weekly.

My relatives did help me to look for the camera and I've searched high and low, but we didn't find it. That's okay, I can use my dad's camera for the time being.

Have a great day! :-)

Anija, said...

Cantik kan UUM.. InsyaAllah kalau Mira dapat, boleh lah balik nanti kami tour sana..

SkyJuice said...

Kak Nija,

Banyak yang kata UUM cantik. It's a garden campus, so hijau ja, sedap mata memandang. :-)