Friday, June 05, 2009

Highlands Apiary Farm

Strawberries at Highlands Apiary Farm. These strawberries are used for their homemade dried strawberries and Honey Strawberry Jam.

The owner, Mr. Choo, in his 70s, has been in the business for over 40 years. His secret of staying strong and healthy is honey, of course!

The entrance. Can you spot the hives?

The products for sale. There are different types of honey and honey bee products available.

The products visible in the photo are Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen, Concentrated Bee Propolis, Honeycomb and Mature Raw Honey.

I hope our purchase will last a long time!

Wild Honey 1 kg (RM52)

Mature Raw Honey 500g (RM25)

Royal Honey (left) and Propolis Honey 500g (RM20 each)

Honeycomb in Raw Honey 600g (RM25)

Honey Propolis Soap 100g (RM10).

I love the soap. It's anti–bacterial and good to stop itchiness, prevent body odour and moisturise the skin. I've used it to stop the itchiness of sandfly bites and it worked. Amazing!

Gamat (golden sea cucumber) soap is said to have similar healing and moisturising properties.

Concentrated Bee Propolis 10g (RM35).

An anti–oxidant, it's useful for stress relief, skin conditions and wound infection. Safe for consumption as well.

Instant Ginger Honey Drink, 20g X 15 sachets (RM15). This is a refreshing drink.

Natural Honey Strawberry Jam 500g (RM11) and dried strawberries (RM10) per pack.

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