Monday, June 08, 2009


See the main Langkawi Island in the distance?

Kuala Perlis on 7 June 2009

17 May 2009

31 May 2009

4 June 2009


Anija, said...

great photos dear!

SkyJuice said...

Thank you. :-)

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Skyjuice:)


Marvelous photos of skies taken with great expertise and skill and of course I know you have a fantastic camera also.

Your mastery over photographic skills is really good.

It has started raining heavily here in Kochi and I can see rain bearing clouds in your place also.

Have a wonderful day:)

SkyJuice said...

Hi Joseph,

Thank you for your compliment. You're too kind. I'm just someone who loves to photograph and I've a lot to learn. I use a regular Nikon compact, which was a gift, nothing spectacular.

It rained heavily only for a few hours for the past one week or so. I hope it rains more often to bring down the heat a bit.

Have a good day! :-)