Friday, January 02, 2009

The Climb

The 'calm before the storm'. The sign in blue says, "Beware of the steep steps".

We started climbing from the South to the North point.

Fishing is prohibited within the vicinity

The first view shot from about 20m up

The initial 45º track. The steps get more challenging and steep as you go up.

'Autumn' leaves

A view of Kangar and Chuping from the second viewpoint

A view of Seriab and Kuala Perlis from the top. The Mini Putrajaya building on the right is the Chief Minister's office.

The view was worth the tiring climb, don't you think?

My neighbour and brother taking a breather

My brother, neighbour and I climbed up a hill called Bukit Lagi recently. I've always wanted to climb this particular hill and didn't expect it to be very steep, up to 80º 90º on some tracks! There are a few viewpoints/stopovers on the hill.

So far, I've climbed and walked up some local hills and mountains. However, I haven't done any climbing in a long time, and this was my first climb since my fractures a few years ago. Mind you, the thought of giving up did occur to my mind, but I kept thinking, if my little niece and parents could do it, why not me?

I survived the tiring, nearly 1
hour climb and would like to climb it on a regular basis from now on. Any takers? You need to be suitably dressed, i.e. wear sport shoes, and carry as little as you can. Forget your heavy DSLR and bring a compact camera if you must. Do bring a bottle of mineral water and some sweets in a bagpack. Your hands need to be free for the climb.


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Sky Juice :)

You are a real brave-heart.

I shudder at the thought of climbing up that steep hill.

But I admire you for your courage,stamina and will power.

SkyJuice said...

Thank you, Joseph.

I don't think I'm that brave, although I've to try to be one on some occasions. I kept thinking, if my 7–year–old niece and my parents whom are reaching their 60s could do it every now and then, why not me? I kept saying I could do this. That was what kept me going.

I was afraid my body and legs might ache the next day, so I drank a lukewarm glass of honey drink before bed (after the tiring climb). I was thankful my legs and body were fine the next day. No aching whatsoever. It's amazing what honey can do! :-)