Friday, January 02, 2009

Sweet Treats IV

Kuih cara, made of wheat flour, screwpine leaf syrup and coconut milk.

Apom (steamed rice cakes)

The popular pau (steamed buns), RM0.50 or 50 sen each. Cheap!

Pau kacang and pau kaya (steamed red bean buns and steamed coconut jam buns)

Cucur badak (sweet potato fritters stuffed with fried coconut and chilli shrimps)

Dangai (steamed glutinous rice and grated coconut snack)

Packedtogo steamed dhal

Bihun goreng (stirfry vermicelli noodles)

Laksam (broad rice noodles in sour fish curry)

Remember this? I went to the same stall for some sweet treats recently. Still didn't get to try the laksa (broad rice noodles in fish curry), which is not to be mistaken with laksam, and mee kari (curry noodles). Next time perhaps.

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