Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Sweet Treats

An array of sweetmeats, side dishes and snacks

The popular stall. See how long the table is! The stall owner has to add another table during the fasting month of Ramadhan.

Tasty acar buah (fruit pickle), RM2 per packet.

Bubur kacang hijau (mung bean porridge) and bubur pulut hitam (black glutinous rice porridge)

Lompat tikam (left) and badak berendam (right).

Lompat tikam is steamed glutinous rice jelly served with coconut milk and palm sugar syrup.

Badak berendam
is steamed glutinous rice jelly stuffed with coconut and served with coconut milk.

Roti jala (rolled lacy pancakes) with curry. Chicken and beef curries are available.

Roti jala berlauk (rolled lacy pancakes with chicken curry filling)

Kuih sago (pearl sago jelly coated with grated young coconut)

Tako (corn syrup and jicama jelly wrapped in screwpine leaves)

Tepung talam (steamed rice, coconut and palm sugar cakes)

Some sweetmeats, snacks and packedtogo dishes sold at a popular kuih (sweetmeats) stall nearby. There is an array of kuih (over 50 types!) and others such as bihun (vermicelli noodles), laksa, laksam (flat, broad rice noodles), mee (yellow noodles), keropok (crackers), pizza,etc.

The popular stall is owned by a friend's pensioner father, and has been in operation for a number of years already. Opening hours are from 2.30p.m.
6.30p.m. (Mondays Fridays). The most popular item is the pau (steamed buns) made by the stall owner's wife. I didn't get to take a picture as the buns were sold out. Hopefully, I'll be able to take a shot next week.


Joseph Pulikotil said...


Pau is quite popular in Goa and Maharastra in India and it is eaten normally with bajji- a sort of potato masala. In Goa it is also stuffed with pork sausages.

The variety of colorful sweets makes my mouth water. You are really lucky.

Your lovely country is full of excellent sweets, delicious food and breathtaking scenery.

You are, ofcourse, your country’s cultural ambassador.

Have a good day :)

SkyJuice said...

Hi Joseph,

I count my blessings everyday.

Thank you for your comment. You're too kind. :-)

Over here pau is usually stuffed with either kaya (coconut jam), red beans or minced meat.

You have a good day too! :-)