Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Sweet Treats II

Kuih cara, made of wheat flour, screwpine leaf syrup and coconut milk.

Kosui or lompang (steamed palm sugar or screwpine leaf cakes), served with grated young coconut flesh (below).

Dadar or ketayap (rolled screwpine leaf pancakes with grated young coconut flesh soaked in palm sugar syrup filling)

Kuih keria (sugarcoated sweet potato donuts)

Pulut sambal (steamed glutinous rice stuffed with chilli shrimps, wrapped in banana leaves)

Pulut inti (steamed glutinous rice served with grated young coconut soaked in palm sugar syrup, wrapped in banana leaves)

Cucur badak (sweet potato fritters stuffed with fried grated coconut and chilli shrimps)

Curry puffs

Sweetmeats and snacks from the same stall. See my previous post.

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