Monday, December 15, 2008

Mains & Sides

Pulut kuning (glutinous rice served with chicken curry).

Pulut kuning
is usually served during special occasions such as after one completes the reading of Al
Qur'an and after a baby's first shave.

Pak tong ko (fried seafood cakes topped with mayonnaiselike sauce) from the popular Hai Thien Seafood Restaurant in Kuala Perlis. Tender meat, crispy skin. Yummylicious!

Hai Thien's squids in chilli, garlic and sour sauce.

Hai Thien's tauhu isi ketam (tofu in crabmeat sauce)

Homemade fried rice

Homecooked mee hailam (stirfry yellow noodles) with fish ball, prawns and vegetables.

Homecooked char kway teow (stirfry flat, broad rice noodles) with eggs, prawns, tofu and vegetables.

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