Sunday, December 21, 2008

Man of the Year (2006)

Tom Dobbs, a comedian who hosts a new satire programme decides to run for President, and a computerised voting machine malfunction gets him elected.

I haven't watched Robin Williams in action in a while. So, when I saw this on TV, I continued watching it. It's not a bad film nor it is a great one, but I think Robin Williams played the leading role really well. He made it look effortless. Other notable cast include Christopher Walken, Laura Linney (who portrayed the lawyer Erin Brunner in The Exorcism of Emily Rose) and Jeff Goldblum.

Rating: 2/5.


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello :)


I deliberately avoid typing skyjuice because it is so impersonal. However, I fully respect your wish for anonymity.

Many thanks for visiting my blog and posting a lovely comment.

I was very impressed with the photo in your header. It is very beautiful and a rare selection. Very fantastic.

The quote you have chosen is also wonderful and thought provoking.

Many, many thanks for sharing.

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SkyJuice said...

Hi Joseph,

Thank you for your regular visit and kind comments. Appreciate it. :-)

SkyJuice isn't impersonal to me. It's my cyber name since my student days in England. You may call me A or Sky. :-)

I'm glad you liked the header photo. I scanned it from a postcard of Neuschwanstein Castle I bought in Fussen of Bavaria, Germany. I've been there, it's an extraordinary place. I understand that the late Walt Disney modelled his Disneyland Castle after Neuschwanstein. See for more info on the beautiful castle.

Happy hols! :-)