Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Cave of Darkness II (2008)

An old and imposing tree opposite the entrance

The sign beneath the tree

The entrance to Gua Kelam II

Welcome to Gua Kelam II
The State of Perlis Forestry Department

The gallery next to the entrance. A rest area, cafeteria (not yet in operation) and washrooms are available.

The rubbish bins. Perhutanan means forestry in Malay.

The Nakawan Range

Gua Kelam II (Cave of Darkness II) is the second longest cave in Peninsula Malaysia at 3748m. It's a 300millionyearold river cave with some huge natural chambers and lots of relics from the mining era.

Like its sibling cave, Gua Kelam, located within walking distance, Gua Kelam II is a former tin mining cave. It's currently being turned into a show cave and scheduled to be fully completed in February 2009.

A tram transports the visitors into the cave. The entrance fee is RM5 per adult and RM3 per child. Let's hope the state government will not raise the fees from March 2009 onwards.

If you wish to explore more, you must inform the local Forestry Department Office and get a guide.

Source: www.cavesofmalaysia.com

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