Monday, January 26, 2009


These were taken by the seaside during low tides recently. The seaside is about 20min drive from where I live. There are food stalls along the 'beach'. Many people go there during the weekends for the sea breeze, cheap food, views of the sunset and Langkawi Island. Some children would play kites by the sea. There's also a night market here on Sundays, selling food, clothes, toys and such.


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Skyjuice :)

Lovely photos of the sea and the setting sun.

From what I can see there is hardly any beach. I wonder what the situation will be when there is high tide. This looks like a very rough sea.

But you are lucky to have a beach so close because there is nothing like walking on a beach listening to the roar of the waves and gusty winds blowing into your face and hair. And ofcourse something to munch in hand. Great feeling :)

Many thanks for sharing. This brought several memories of my younger days in Chennai and my bachelor days in Goa.

Have a nice day :)

SkyJuice said...

Hi Joseph,

Thank you. I count my blessings everyday. :-)

You're right. There's hardly any beach and the sea is quite rough. It's where the Andaman Sea meets the Straits of Melaka (or Straits of Malacca). This particular stretch is busy as it's used by the local fishermen, ferry and boat operators.

Have a good day! :-)