Friday, December 11, 2009

Inland Escapade: Cameron Highlands

The afternoon sky of Simpang Pulai

Chayote sold at Highlands Apiary Farm

A visitor taking some free mineral water

Views on the way up to Cameron Highlands

Highlands Apiary Farm (


Sunset on the way down to Tapah

One of the aboriginal homes

Shots taken from a road trip recently.


Anija, said...

Nice pics.. new camera? I like Cameron Highlands. Kami selalu spend 3-4 days kalau p sana. Tak tahan kalau musim cuti sekolah je, jammed..

SkyJuice said...

Thanks. Nope, still using my dad's Canon. Tak best la. Canon compact cameras memang tak leh lawan Nikon.

Luckily, masa kami pi Cameron tu tak crowded sangat.