Thursday, December 03, 2009

Sightseeing in Satun

Tanjung Gabus, Satun, Thailand.

Walking on stilts

The locals called this the 'green bird'

Masjid Kampung Puju, which the villagers built themselves.

The speedboat which took us from Kuala Perlis to Kampung Puju, Satun, Thailand. The journey took 15 minutes only!

Kelong in Kampung Puju.

Kelong is a form of offshore platform built predominantly with wood. Kelongs are built by fishermen primarily for fishing purposes, although larger structures can also function as dwellings for them and their families. They are built without the need for nails, using rattan to bind tree trunks and wooden planks together.

Kampung Puju


A big, old well.

A mangrove chalet, which was still under construction, in Tanjung Gabus.

Tanjung Gabus

On the second day of 'Aidiladha or 'Eid Hajj, I paid my Thai relatives a visit in Satun, Southern Thailand, after many years of absence.


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello SkyJuice:)

Amazing photos! Fantastic! Your skill as a photographer is clearly visible. I wonder when I will be able to take such fantastic photos. So long I have been getting away with simple, ordinary photos which I take during my daily waliks around the town:) My friends try to make me happy by saying excellent photos etc.:):) I am fully aware of this:) So if you say I take good photos, I know you are trying to make me happy:):):)

All the very best:)

SkyJuice said...

Hello Joseph,

Thank you for your kind words as always. Anyone with a good eye and camera can take good shots. Regular practice helps as well.

All the best to you too. :-)